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Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
I don't think there are too many guys here who have leased E93's. But I would guess somewhere in the $1300 a month range.
That's right on the money unless there are some incentives I'm not aware of. Other than a 3-4 month period late last year through Feb. of this year when BMW was giving away leases on these cars with low MFs and inflated residuals the lease terms have been brutal. Last time I looked MFs were around .0025 and residuals were low 50s, even at invoice or below you're talking about $1200-1400/mo with no CCR. If cost is no object and you need the tax writeoff for a business go for it, otherwise I would either purchase, or better yet look for an assumption of one of those great lease deals or from someone who put a town of cash down.

Just my .02.