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Originally Posted by Turbo>NA View Post

And how did our allies know "we" Americans killed those civilians? Marakov and his mean were all Russian? I know you play as one undercover guy to help them but how?

I though Nukes hit the ground because it causes more damage? Why would price be involved with the nuke? I though price and the other guy were the ones who killed shepered?

Didnt the Russians launch the nukes?
1. Marakov knew Allen was an American so he shot him and left him to take the blame which would start the war. Though I would think security cameras would prove it was Marakov unless unknown to us, they took the tapes as well. And Allen was stupid enough to wear something that would identify him as an American.

2. Nope, nukes detonate ~2000 ft above the ground I believe it is. Price was helping to save DC. Since nukes can create an EMP, Price had it detonate in low orbit and created an EMP. But, the force of the nuke still took out the ISS.

3. No Price did. Yes, it was a Russian sub, but Price went in and took over the missile control room and launched the nuke.