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Funny story re: Honda Insight

Ok, I was off at lunch and my wife is shopping for a new car. She is actually looking at a Honda Insight or Civic Hybrid. I went into a Honda dealer just wanting to sit inside an Insight and see how it is and report back to the wife. A salesman, no older than mid-20's came over and offered me a test drive on a base model Insight LX, and I took it.

This is where the guy seemed a little "out there".
I asked general questions, "how is the navigation system" he replies with "how much horsepower does your BMW have?" I ask: "This car takes 87 octane?" He asks: "How much does it cost to replace your tires?"

After the test drive was over and I had no intention of buying then and there, offers me a straight trade-in for my 1er to an Insight LX! I mean, I would say even on a BAD day my car is worth 27-28k trade-in, and an Insight LX after taxes AT MSRP would be no more than 23k. Some deal! I looked at him dumbfounded, said no thank you and walked out. That was the strangest car dealer experience I've ever had!

On a side note, the Insight isn't that bad a car for a hybrid! Wide comfortable seats, a more "user-friendly" interior layout than my 1er, and a 38.6 MPG after 10 minutes of WOT pulls on local streets! Those same WOT pulls would net 7-8 MPG on my 1er I bet. I don't think I'd be too upset if the wife decided to get one of these.
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