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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
They wanna act as if its nothing because now they are stuck with $15K G-Power S/C'er that they do not want to put back on their cars. One of them is selling his G-Power S/C, parting out his car, and his car is not even back running yet! But they highly recomemded it for everyone else And the dyno tightie posted on his for S/C sale thread is not even his! Its Technik's. Nothing personal tightie but thats dirty.
Uh my kit has been on the Technik car ever since my car blew. Maybe I should hurry and get it back to impress everyone. I haven't rushed to install it again because of scheduling problems and I'm not even sure I'll even keep the M3 much longer for it to even matter so what do you care if I put it back on my car or not. And obviously G-power changed the mapping and the kompressor from when I and josh had the kit on our cars so obviously he's going to post the latest dyno theres nothing "dirty" about that especially since its public knowledge to anyone who pays attention . Btw I'm not acting as if its nothing obviously whats done is done and its fixed what should I do cry and whine about it everyday even though its already fixed??