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Originally Posted by sammyrusso View Post
my only input is to do the following (and since im assuming u have money due to your cars, hope im not offending the op): spend the money on: exhaust prob full Akra cause u mentioned not being too loud, pulley, and a tune...will cost you 6-10k can get used equipment...and you max the car out without going FI or STROKER...see if its TORQUEY enough for you...then if you're happy your done. If not, then you can go with either of the other 2 options. It will save you money and you will get to enjoy the engine as it is just maxed out, and if its not good enough, then you took a minor loss.

Or just test drive all of the 3 options and make a decision, although test drives arent always enough to make a decision like that.

And Im not sure why everyone gets caught up in "im faster than you" or "what a waste of money" and between company bashing there is enough business for everyone to be happy, doesnt need to be a battle between all the companies, theres a market for everything. Same with the members in here...I would love a stroker motor as well, this is my first FI car, and i love it, pretty insane speeds, scares me and can only say the best about Gintani, highly recommend them, so helpful, feel like i have developed a new friendship. But that doesnt mean im gona talk shit on ESS, VF, RD, Dinan or G-Power ( although i would never recommend them, refering to G-power). FUCK! there a million fucking flavors of ice cream not every motherfucker has to like the same one! and be loyal to the one you like but dont talk shit for no reason.
Thank you for the wise suggestions. These are the types I appreciate where they are related to your experiences. I might end up with your cars twin Sammy except it will be space gray haha. I sometimes commute back to Vegas and in the summer it can get 115 out there. Hows DCT holding up?

On the Gpower site they mention:

Modified DKG Controll
110.092.070D G-POWER BMW DCG Upgrade
With cars that are equipped with the optional BMW DCG (double clutch gearbox), the electronic control unite of the gearbox needs to be remapped, when a G-POWER supercharger system has been installed.

Anyone have any clue about this?
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