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Originally Posted by michaeldorian View Post
Exactly. Around here, it seems like everyone is brushing off the G-Power blown motors as no big deal. Seems really odd. Even if they took care of it, this is pretty unacceptable.

Imagine if BMW broke something and your car was out for a couple months.

I guess only time will tell with the reliability of the kits. In my opinion, even 10-20K miles with no problems on an SC is not a testament of its reliability. We need to see 30-40-50K cars before an accurate statement on reliability can be made.

They wanna act as if its nothing because now they are stuck with $15K G-Power S/C'er that they do not want to put back on their cars. One of them is selling his G-Power S/C, parting out his car, and his car is not even back running yet! But they highly recomemded it for everyone else And the dyno tightie posted on his for S/C sale thread is not even his! Its Technik's. Nothing personal tightie but thats dirty.