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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
G-Power must be full of morons then. They were negligent and incompetent by not testing their softwae as they should and therefore allowed 4 M3s to blow thier motors. But hey, any monkey can develop a S/C right Jon. What makes it worst it that G-Power has been in the business, what? 20 years or so? Blowing 4 custumer's car should not be taken lightly, especially when the product was first released. I bet it was a great feeling to have the car in a shop for 4 months...sorry not 4, it was 5 months.

I say all this because you act as if the issue you had with G-Power was cool, your attitude comes off as "it's cool, I paid $15k for the S/C, it blew my motor within 2 months, it took G-Power 4 months to fix it, but G-Power is great either way, yay!!!!!" That shit was not cool at all nor Do I wish anybody to go through such headaches. Yet you wanna bash and make assumptions on other S/C companies, such as design and tunning. Ironic, isn't?

Anybody can develop a S/C? G-Power couldn't. And the fact that they supposedly fixed it does not okay the 4 blown customer cars.
Exactly. Around here, it seems like everyone is brushing off the G-Power blown motors as no big deal. Seems really odd. Even if they took care of it, this is pretty unacceptable.

Imagine if BMW broke something and your car was out for a couple months.

I guess only time will tell with the reliability of the kits. In my opinion, even 10-20K miles with no problems on an SC is not a testament of its reliability. We need to see 30-40-50K cars before an accurate statement on reliability can be made.

Side note: Seems like AA and VF have been awfully quiet lately. I wonder what's going on in that camp.