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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
Of course any decent tuner can tune a kit to be on par with your kit you're not exactly miracle workers. And of course hardware design is also important but unless the other company building it are complete morons I don't see that that being too hard I mean your kit isn't that complex design wise, you didn't exactly re-invent the wheel bud.
Any decent tuner ? dont see it being that hard ? I wonder why experienced BMW tuners like AA and VF have yet to figure it out. And I wonder why if it is so easy to tune this car with FI G-Power blew motors in several M3's including yours ! The fact that you blew a motor with a supercharger installed on it from a "decent tuner" and you post comments like this make you look like an idiot, or you just have a very selective memory. Im sure you have more knowledge of how FI works on the E90 M3 then ESS does.