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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Did you actually read this thread? I feel like my IQ went down 50 points just reading that thread.

The OP didn't seem to notice that ESS was talking crank hp, and he was talking wheel hp. Then when somebody pointed it out, he said "yeah, but I have the SS exhaust which only adds hp, not subtracts it." WRONG! It's more common than you think to lose horsepower by adding an exhaust designed for a NA motor and slapping it onto a FI motor. I've personally witnessed motor dyno results where this happened. And like I said, it's much more common than you think.

Then later in the post, Chris tries to calculate drivetrain loss as 15% on a Dynojet. Chris calculates it all wrong. He takes the 451hp and multiplies it by 15% to calculate 67hp loss == 518hp; when the correct calculation is to divide 451hp by 0.85 == 531hp. Even the 15% loss is a mistake. A dynapack would show approximately 13%-17% loss because it's hub attached. On a Dynojet with wheels attached, it's more like 21% (according to the DynoDB). So taking 21%, the results would be 451 / 0.79 == 570hp (20 more hp than the kit claimed by ESS). Yet this guy is complaining, and nobody in the thread has been able to do the simple math and figure out that he's making more HP than he should.

The comments from AJ that the OP finds so offensive end up being proved out in the thread itself. AJ was making the point that not everybody with experience knows what their doing. And in my opinion, that entire thread proves his point.
Correct PG

This customers car made advertised power without having a beaseline dyno done. The fact is and we told him several times if he wants to discuss power made he needs to have a beseline because we have no idea what power his car made before the install was done. The customer was upset that his headers did not add 20-30 hp on top of our rated power which is something we could never guarantee to someone.

As far as anyone who questions our ability to supercharge BMW's correctly simply visit our website and look at the number of BMW's we make superchargers system for. With 14 years of proven expierence tuning and supercharging BMW's I would say we know a few things about how to properly build and tune kits Our current stage 2 E90 M3 supercharger only requires 5.5 psi to make 518 whp and our entry level stage 1 non IC kit makes 470 whp on 4.5 psi. You simply cannot make this kind of power on this low of boost unless you know how to design and tune supercharger systems properly.