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Originally Posted by kevinD View Post
30k for 11.8's????? i was thinking at first it would be in the 10's for that money.

all this talk about dumping 20g's into an evo to make mad power, but putting 20g's into an evo will get you into (or very very close to) 9's. if you have to spend that much money to run an 11.8 @ 120, i'll run you against an evo 9 with stock turbo with the following mods:

cams/springs/retainers = 700
1000cc injectors = 340
walbro fuel pump = 80
intake, intercooler pipes = 600
diverter valve = 200
ported stock exhaust manifold = 100
stainless o2 housing = 100
turbo back exhaust = 300
3port boost controller = 75
intercooler = 600
tune on E85 = 300
labor for all the installs = 700
total = $4095

this will put you around 400whp on a mustang dyno (a 150whp increase over stock), and you'll be able to run mid 11's with it.

so essentially for the price of that one mod, i can go out and buy a slightly used evo 9, mod it, still win in a drag race (and very likely road course as well), still be able to go get the groceries with it, AND have an unmolested m3 to show off to the boss...
lay off the evo shit. We get it already. now GTFO lol

$300 turbo back exhaust??? Um please show me where unless this is southern backwoods home made straight pipe. Tune and Labor for 700??? what do you charge 20 bucks an hour lol???

Anyways on another thread I saw jon martin put down like 440hp at the wheels and caculated it to be almost 600 at the crank. Am I right jon? That actually sounds like the power band I would be looking for. Now that I think about it, a 500 hp stroker Ill be lucky to put down 400 at the wheels. I also saw niteriders video on another forum where he runs a GT2! Good lord.

Quick Question! Of all the Supercharger designs, I have been looking at the intake system. Im curious between the Gintani or the GPower which one is the quietest. Anyone know?
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