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this past summer I pulled up to my a restaurant to meet some friends for lunch, and my friend happened to be with his father and his fathers friend. They were driving their Exotics, (friends father = 2007 Lambo Gallardo Spyder. friends father's friend = 2008 Ferrari 430 Spyder). I pulled up with my top down and the fathers friend kept commenting on how gorgeous my car looked with the top down. He went on to say that he would never buy a sports car (even in our cold country) that wasn't a convertible, because you only drive it on the nice hot days anyways, and theres no better way to enjoy an exotic car then to have it with its top down listening to the beautiful notes that some of these cars make. My point is that, even living where we have winter for 4-5 months of the year, it is still worth having a convertible, especially if its just your weekend driver because you get sooo much more out of it. and its not like you drive it shitty weather, I wouldn't drive my exotic (Ferrari, Lambo) in the rain, IF I didnt have to...
Totally agreed! i drive with the top down as much as i can, down to 0 C with winter jacket and gloves on, and i love it... and i also drive my car all winter... mind you it's not an "exotic" even though it looks like it could be
there is this one bridge here in town, big-ass steel cage basically (steel girders on both sides and above the roadway) and i just love gunning through that with the top down and listen to my V6 screaming and echoing all around me... cant wait to try it in a E93 one of these days...
and for all of these who say that the vert is heavier, not as rigid, blablabla, how many sports cars owners actually push their cars to the limit on open roads, and how many track their cars???
hey wait, what was this thread about again??? Sorry OP we got carried away