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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
LOL cute so you think because G-power had a problem with their tune that somehow that will be the case with all the other kits? First of all if the kit is tuned properly and running properly and maintened there is no reason an FI M3 shouldn't last an easy 80k Miles on the stock motor and I'm sure it could last much longer in reality. And by that time I dont think alot of people even have their cars.

Also even if half the owners of stroker cars even knew how to drive their cars hard enough to even possibly notice the supposed extra weight on the front of the car they would still get trounced on the track thats guranteed. You're not even dramatically changing the weight bias, that statement is absurd were not talking adding enough weight to front of the car to change the balance to something silly it will maybe be at worst 53/47 (stock is 52.2/48.8 or similiar )and if you were really into having a lightweight cars you probably wouldnt have bought an M3 in the first place so gimme a break.

Bottomline you're not ever going to see a stroker M3 beat the times of a FI M3 on any track cept maybe an Autocross or something where you can't even use the power of the S/C and my opinion that doesn't even count.

Also who cares if you get an exhaust and all that as part of the cost in a FI kit, it would still make more power and destroy the stroker car besides for the money you're saving you can buy all that and still have money left over so how is that more valueable? are you serious lol?

WTF does American muscle have to do with FI are you really being serious?

All I know is the strokers really have good tourqe (for a small rpm range) and thats about the only positive it has over a Full Bolt on M3. And where it makes tourqe isn't nesscessarily better for the track if you're high in the rev range. Anyway to the OP get a FI kit or just go full bolt on if you're gonna have your car for life or over 100k miles and dont want to rebuild then which alot of people would do anyway after having the FI on a stock motor for that long.

I personally think If I'm dropping over 25K+ on a motor it better be able to do 10's And that will never happen with a stroker alone.
Ok, well some people wouldn't be happy to reduce their Motors life expectancy down from around the 180k mark (previous M models are still driving around with this high mileage) down to around the 80k. Even if your not going to own the car for that long, if you own it for 4 years and most of us use these cars as daily drivers your going to put around 40k on the car, thats half of the engines life under FI. I couldn't sell a car to someone without telling them the real deal, which i know would effect the value of my car.

FI on M Cars isn't anything new, and as there is hardly any feedback on the Supercharger Kits available currently, i'm not saying all kits will have problems, i'm just going off the history of previous vehicles. I've always own M's and so have my friends, my E46 was kept NA (I didn't have a stroker) but a couple of my mates had 2 different types of FI packages, both were constantly having issues with there cars always overheating and always running shitty.

I haven't driven a SC E9* model but, i've always thought that on the E46 the car feels heavier in the front end with the FI installed and always preferred the way my NA car felt in comparison, not only in handling but also day to day driving, after a while I feel driving aftermarket FI is a chore and is not fun easy going driving. I bought an M to have an M

The M Philosophy to date is to keep a naturally aspirated motor, yes they are going to forced induction soon but that is only to keep up in the market and put down bigger numbers to keep the people that like to claim numbers happy. The M division are also going to do the FI properly and drop the motor down from the V8 to the Inline 6 in order to keep the balance of the car. Otherwise why has the M.Division not just upgraded the AWARD WINNING S65 Engine with FI? Same with the GTS they didn't just slap a Supercharger on it they bumped up the displacement

Here is a link to some videos, I can't remember which section its in but Steve Dinan claims to have raced a FI against their stroker and beat or was the same as it, i cant remember exactly off the top of my head and the guy is so boring I can't be bothered to listen to the whole thing again. No one else has done this test so unless he's talking shit I don't know what to think? Someone over in the States should call them and ask them who's kit they raced against?

Niterider who has a FI M3 said this in another post:

My car @ 8lbs of boost which will be what the kit will be sold with, made 517whp. Thats a little more then 200 gained whp, and I have had no problems (knock on wood). Ive also ran my car with 9.5 lbs of boost for a few weeks, with no problems. The car makes 530-540whp at this boost. The only reason I stopped running this boost was because the car had no traction 1st-3rd gear, which made me get sideways any time I gave it full WOT. The car still doesnt hook very well with 8lbs of boost but its more manageable.

I recently dropped the boost to 6.5 lbs which is my current dyno of 480whp, but this was just a personal choice. I run a lot of canyons and track as much as I can afford so I really dont need that much power. This allows me to still control the car better in turns and also do some damage on the straights. I get your point about the more power the more problems, but that is not the case with the Gintani SC kit.

Basically because you have 600 odd horses doesn't mean you can use it on the track or backroads effectively, there is only so much power you can use hence Nightrider dropping his boost.

I don't mean any offense at all by mentioning American Muscle but commonly superchargers are slap on cars to get good 1/4 mile times, and your talking about wanting a car to run 10's if you drop $25k. Driving straight in a fast line is not why i bought any of the M's I have ever owned.

Two people on this forum have had one manufacturers FI kit. One of the guys is selling it and you are still yet to reinstall it after it blew your first motor. Let us know when you get the kit reinstalled cause it sounds like Pencil Geek is down for some SAFE and ORGANISED battling.

At the end it comes down to different STROKES for different folks