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Something doesnt sit right with me about the ESS "cheapest solution on the market" Id rather pay a little bit more knowing Im helping keep Gintani or Autotalent stay in business to support my warranty later on down the road .

I'm sorry guys but I find it hard to follow all of these "vs C63 or Z06" talks because I do not keep up on those youtube "race from a roll videos." Those cars just dont interest me and I cant remember a time I ever raced one ever in any of my cars. I go to the track.

Does anyone know the trap speeds or track times of any stroker M3's or F/I M3's to compare over stock?? I would be HIGHLY interested in that! What does 100hp+ truly give you.

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Would I own one as a dedicated track car? yeah. Would I ever own one as a street car or daily driver again? Hell no.
My Scuderia did get its ass handed to it by a full race EVO. This evo was in Redline Time attack. But at the end of the day, I drove home, picked up starbucks and KFC for the family while they spent 3 hours doing all the prep work and loading trailers haha. Oh and I got a ride in it on the track. It was retard how you could dip into the throttle mid turn.
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