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Originally Posted by kevinD View Post
i think you misunderstand the people in the boardroom if you think they would laugh at an evo.

in my area, the guys with money (i.e.boardroom guys) and are true car guys, have memberships out at the tracks in the area (MSR, ECR, HHR). they know what evos are capable of, and respect it.
I saw your second post above as well, but so the boardroom talk discussion leaves the thread Ill tell you a story so it ends now. haha. The seniors cars in the boardroom consist of a Bugatti Veyron, a Twin Turbo Merceilago, and a CL63amg. Weve been meaning to get together for a track day.

The guy in the mail room is an intern. He is practically broke but has a 500hp EVO (which he has told me cost him about $20,000 in upgrades once you consider parts, labor, shipping the car, replacement trans, and replacement diff that exploded). We are all car guys. We give him shit because he has a 1 bedroom studio he shares with a guy friend. (Ive been there before so the teasing all is in good nature).

The reason we tease each other back and forth is about 2 months ago, this guy, Erick with the EVO is with us at dinner. YES we are such car guys the senior VP and CEO do hang out with the mail room EVO guy. He's cool to be around and knows where his car performs and what the car is not. Hes very humble. We leave dinner, and I'm with my boss in his Veyron, Erick has to follow us with the girls (my wife and her 2 friends) in the EVO lol. We pull up in front of a club together and they let us park the Veyron smack right in front curbside service with the EVO behind. So I think to myself "awesome were going to get right in." Erick hops out of EVO with 3 girls and everyone is thinking "wtf" (hes 6'4" 140 pounds super thin with red hair and a geeky polo) The bouncers let him in. We get out of the Veyron and wait in line for half an hour haha.

The EVO jokes are in sarcasm. Erick jokes with us that he got into the club cause of his "sick evo" haha and everyone knows its because the girls haha. Guess girls sometimes come before 2 dudes in a Veyron.
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