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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Here's what I've noticed watching this thread. One group recommends SC and the other group recommends Stroker. The SC group seems to be mostly limited to the guys who own it. Whereas it seems like everybody else wishes they owned the stroker. The latter group seems to be much larger representation in this thread.

There is no doubt the stroker is expensive; and equally no doubt that the SC kit is FAR more bang for the buck. So if you're actually serious that you would consider either, then I would recommend you to drive both and then make a decision. The last guy who did that...chose the stroker and his motor is being built as we speak. He obviously saw something in the stroker that he liked better than the SC kit.

PM me if you have any more questions about the stroker, or want to take a test drive.
Ive arranged to drive a F/I e92 m3 already through a shop. I definitely will be taking note. If I am up in your area PencilGeek I will figure a way to meet up with you. Or if anyone else here in LA area has a stroker. This thread also is not about S/C vs Stroker for power, but S/C vs Stroker for reliability and longevity.

Again, for everyone that hasn't read all the posts, this is not about making my car "envious," or "bragging rights in the boardroom" or to get INSANE horsepower. I just want a little bit more. We've all had out quests for HP haha. I would like torque out of my m3 without being a guinea ping. (no m5 swap, no rear turbo etc.)

I will be visiting a few shops down here in my area like Gintani and Autotalent. Theres just something about an N/A motor to me that I love but hopefully the supercharger test drive will change my mind In any case, I will be posting up a sick build I promise.
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