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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
I was with you all the way until this comment. There's videos of Sticky's lightly modded M3's with DCT easily beating the stock C63. So it makes no sense to think that a stroker M3 wouldn't smoke the stock C63.

We'll find out soon enough anyways. The Forum Wars competition has my stroker up against a modified C63. The competition is this Friday: 2009-11-13, and will be aired on the SPEED channel sometime in 2010. I'm mentioning the air-date because the participants will be bound by NDA not to disclose the results until the show airs.
I agree with you, I think stroked M3 will smoke stock C63 for sure...

btw, please!! put some times or even better, videos
I'm sure many of us would be interested to see how a stroked M3 performs!! good luck too