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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
I'm curious, why would you would pick ESS? It is because they offer a kit that is 9 grand with no cooling? I don't know about you but theres no way in hell I'm putting boost in my car without a cooling system.

Custom turbo? Where are you going to fit turbos into this car? There is literally no room unless you want to start cutting the body of the car and I really doubt people will start cutting the body of their brand new 70k car.
The only reason why I stated ESS is b/c of the value....they were offering a stage 1 kit for 9K installed and I agree w/u 100% on the cooling part...if it was my car i would pay extra for the cooling regardless of what stage i got

I was being facetious w/the turbo lol I just keep seeing the hpf kits on the e46 m3s and it makes me envious & sad that we cant do anything like than on the e9X m's yet

When I bought the car, the engine was a big part of that decision so to me at least it would be sacrilegious to change it for a 4.6L but at the same time it would be sacrilegious 2 add FI to it as well b/c the philosophy of M has always been to be someone said f uc k it & go for broke, do stroker and s/c...

Also to everyone else...I think this is gonna be a constructive thread so lets keep the name-calling OT & not part of this thread...please no e-thuggery