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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Here's what I've noticed watching this thread. One group recommends SC and the other group recommends Stroker. The SC group seems to be mostly limited to the guys who own it. Whereas it seems like everybody else wishes they owned the stroker. The latter group seems to be much larger representation in this thread.

There is no doubt the stroker is expensive; and equally no doubt that the SC kit is FAR more bang for the buck. So if you're actually serious that you would consider either, then I would recommend you to drive both and then make a decision. The last guy who did that...chose the stroker and his motor is being built as we speak. He obviously saw something in the stroker that he liked better than the SC kit.

PM me if you have any more questions about the stroker, or want to take a test drive.
+1 and would be happy to go into detail about the disadvantages and advantages of both approaches. I own a hugely modified CLK Black that a twin turboed and and pulling over 800bhp and 900lbs of torque and also own an RS46 Club Sport Edition M3 (although I have yet to drive this one, lol, but a number of gentlemen have driven it). I love the both very, very much but clearly there are pluses and minuses to each approach. I would however add that I agree with PGs comments above wholeheartedly.