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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
You couldn't pay me to drive an evo. Id be the laughing stock of the boardroom meetings. I'm not 20 anymore. Our intern who working in the mail room has one . I went for a ride it to get lunch one day.

Very fast, 0 sophistication.

+1 I did not know that!!!

Dinan does not come with exhaust.
i think you misunderstand the people in the boardroom if you think they would laugh at an evo.

in my area, the guys with money (i.e.boardroom guys) and are true car guys, have memberships out at the tracks in the area (MSR, ECR, HHR). they know what evos are capable of, and respect it.

why don't you make a trip out to the track and mingle with your board room guys your trying to impress (theres definately a lot of them out there). i talk to them when i go out there... most of them know what it can do, and if not they love to talk about it. i've never been laughed at (especially when i pass them). usually they let me drool over their exotics, they ask about my car, we do a session, then they return wondering what the hell happened then get a lot more interested.

if the board room guys your trying to impress don't go out to the track, and don't know about cars at all, who cares what they think? get an evo mod the bejesus out of it, and tell them it is a FIA homogulated ralley car thats race prepped, and fast enough to sink your eyeballs into your head. you can even tell them its a super rare version that costs 100,000 dollars, a true car guys collectors car. they wont know the difference...

i'm telling you, for 28k dollars i can build you an evo faster then what your capable of driving. take for example my time attack car. it weighs 2600lbs, has 600whp on a mustang dyno, and even with 275 hoosiers on all 4 corners with AWD, first gear is entirely useless. i've spent less then 20k on it including purchasing the car. it is most definately faster then most supercars around a track. if your looking for something fast, get a fast car. m3 is quick, and an excellent all around daily driver, weekend track car. if you want something with sofistication (and fast), driving a modded m3 with its check engine light on and a very loud exhaust aint going to cut it. if i were to spend 28k on one mod, it would have to be something that makes everyones head turn. 500 CRANK hp doesn't do that these days. you'll get beat by a bone stock C6Z06, and be on par with the c63 AMG which at this point now would have cost 20,000 dollars less yet still has an awsome interior. underground racings twin turbo lambo that makes 1300whp and runs 75,000+ dollars DEFINATELY turns heads. HPFs big stage e46's that make 800whp definately turn heads (and is priced around the same as this stroker kit, yet makes 300whp more). i just don't see the power gain from this mod as being impressive for the giant chunk of change you have to spend on it. a 75shot of nitrous and a tune will yeild the same results for 27,000 dollars less.
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