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If you simply want more torque, like some say, bolt ons will give you just enough IMO..however since you miss the zr1's torque I see your point for a bigger tune...

Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I definitely would like more bottom end torque. Neck snap and push you in the seat. Around town I would like to have torque for almost any gear. Sometimes find myself in the wrong gear.

I don't care about loud exhaust, straight race pipes and all that. If I could make it more of a sleeper then Id really like that as well. Most people go bananas and try to catch up the F430 Scuderia all the time. I think it would be funny like a member with the RD stroker said, "its funny to see the looks on the vette drivers faces when they arent catching up to what appears to be a completely stock m3"

I think this statement together with your high concern for warranty is the definite reason you should go for stroker. with a SC you will get the slight whistling sound as it charges and boosts btw, I looked on Dinans website and the kit has 12% discount for some reason, it says $22,999...+ 4 year/50,000 miles warranty. seems like the best package IMO!

about the Evo talk, 100% agree Evo is 0 sophistication in terms of things such as comfort. but to me it still is the mountain/tight corner track king, even 400hp is enough on that thing, if tuned properly, to make many supercar owners wonder what they paid all that money for. In this case its no Evo, but I'd hate to be this LP owner..

I prefer shotgun in a supercar no doubt. Call me nuts(and I do LOVE supercars), but I'd think about it twice when deciding to take a supercar vs a properly tuned Evo for a spin If I was older however, I agree, probably I would go for more sophisticated vehicles

btw: which ever tune you go for with the M in the end, please share your impressions afterwards