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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
You talking about stage 1 at 4.5 psi? Which was tested in an Arizona summer 100+ heat everyday, zero problems. Yes it is $8,500

Lets not forget about stage 2 and 3, which do have cooling.

Man you are an ESS hater.

I remember back when you thought nothing touched your G-power setup. It was the best in the world. Then poof, if fucked your car up.

ESS has a strong reputation. Hopefully some day Gintani can reach that level of exposure and reputation.
LOL why do I get the idea you work for ESS?? Don't act like ESS has never had problems don't even try to start with that nonsense... I'm sure they've improved from their E46 days but can't go around acting like their shit don't stink imo.

Check this link out I like how ESS addressed the customer LOL talk about great customer service. Meanwhile the poor dude is about 50whp off from their claimed numbers sounds like a blast from the past if you ask me...