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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by marty_mcfly View Post
change the "would" to "can". "would" makes it sound like im insulting audi and in no way do i intend to. lets face it, they are great cars.

i've driven a fair share of audis and while they are all great and drive well, theres something about em. i think most of the models are better than BMW but i prefer driving a BMW. does that make sense? again this is all opinion and from personal experience. not all of us are the same when it comes to driving experience

dont mean to steal the thread so ill just stop here

enjoy it OP!
I know what you're trying to say. There's certain intangibles that are lacking. When I sit in an Audi, I adore the interior, the attention to detail and the overall solidity. At the same time, I think the interiors are too techy looking and lack a certain...'X' factor. I'm not saying they're worse, and I'm not saying they're a far cry better, but they're not suited to my style.

Same goes for the exterior. I love the trivial details (brightwork specifically), but there's something so technical about it all, and I find myself never falling 'in love' with the designs. I admire them, get bored of them, and move on.

And then there's the driving experience: powertrain (can't do AWD), steering (too light, trades feel for precision) and the engines (interestingly, they seem too technical in sound to me...this one is hardest for me to describe).

If anything, I've noticed that the VAG/BMW crowd has a distinctly different feel. VAG products focus on technical precision, conservative design, and efficient performance. BMW seems to have those purposeful flaws, that extra bit of mechanical connection, and a certain naturalness that I can't say applies to VAG models.

I hope someone understands what I'm saying.
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