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I've done quite a lot of research into these upgrades for the M3. My overall decision is to go with the stroker route (its gonna be a while before i do the conversion though as Christmas is coming so I know the bank account is going to get emptied by the misses). It seems the best value for to me, the RD Stroker also includes the complete exhaust system which wouldn't come with the FI kits. RTEM, Metal Cats, X-Pipe and Backboxes have a value of around 10k

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Superchargers will stomp a stroker in any situation.
Not when its blown up though eh? And i'm not sure even when its running correctly it would, added weight to the front end would throw off the handling of the car.

Any vids of FI against the Stroker at the track or anything???

Do you really wanna turn your M into an American Muscle car or keep it as the European Sports coupe it was designed to be? Sorry, but the pros for a stroker are you are not only keeping the original characteristics of the M (one of the main reasons I purchased mine) but also the reliability that FI is and never will be known for.

Out of interest has anyone with the S65 stroker encountered any problems?