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Here is my proposal for Qualifying:
There would be two qualifying sessions.

Q1: All cars on light fuel load. Top half of the cars qualify for Q2. Bottom half are placed in order of time.

Q2 the other half of the cars are still on a light fuel load but at the end of the Q2 they do what the NBA does for the draft but in reverse. The person that qualifies 1st gets the best opportunity (most ping pong balls) to be first but that it goes into a computer simulator and the order is determined. This would still give the person that is the fastest the best opportunity to be on pole but it also gives others a chance to move up the order and potentially way up the order. Thus making for more passing with still rewarding the fastest car/driver for their qualifying time. They can make the announcement with all of the teams waiting in reverse order, making pole position the last spot given.

Just an idea... Flame suit on