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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Yes my dealer is a Dinan Dealer, and Dinan has offered to pick me up from the airport and arrange some accommodations need I make a trip to their San Jose head quarters. I would hate to spend all that money though if the supercharger options are half the price or considerable savings.

Thanks tom@EAS I will follow you guys. I am looking for all the alternatives out there.

Unfortunately that IS the case.

ANY supercharger kit you can buy for the E92 M3 will be half the price of a stroker motor. (FACT)

At 12-15k each, a Supercharger kit will always be a better value per dollar spent.

You cannot compare the costs 'straight up' against one another. NA power is going to be the more expensive.

There is no need to 'wonder' about this at all...
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