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Originally Posted by Tio///M View Post
I ready read your post, but why stop there. It seems money is not an issue why not the M5 Engine Stroked from Dinan...the warranty is what gets me! Just my 2 cents...GL
M5 motor is out of the question. Making it work with DCT?? And the weight, if i wanted a heavy front end car Id buy a mustang, I really dont want to mess with the extra weight up front.

The warranty is important. I have a very strong relationship with my BMW dealer. If I didnt want any warranty Id go back to a GT-R.

Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Did someone mention Gpower?

F/I > N/A Anyday.
Glad to see your post Tightie! Thats what I want to see! People with THESE mods.
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