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Talking Help me get 500+ HP!! What are my options.

I have done a lot of reading on the forum and I am in search of getting 500+ HP and around 400 ftlbs of torque. I ultimately want more torque out of the car. I am not seeking all out horsepower. 600 HP with only 350 ft lbs of torque would be overkill. I have seen PencilGeek and JonMartins posts about their cars and they have made me curious about N/A vs the supercharger route. Rear mount turbos are not an option and I really dont want to be a guinea pig for an install.

My car is a 2010 E92 Coupe with DCT. I am open to everyones suggestions, but mostly those that HAVE these mods.

What I am looking for is reliability, best cost for performance, and how strongly they will stand behind their warranty. Dinan seems to be the best as of now because of their strong warranty and I am nervous with a DCT trans. Dinan explained they would give me a written contract if their engine is the cause of my transmission failure then they would cover the DCT trans. If you have had any problems with your cars please share, even if you had problems as long as you feel they were corrected and made right by warranty I appreciate knowing that as well!

What I am considering. (Please note my ratings are estimates off manufacturer websites.)

1. Dinan 4.6L Stroker. $25,000+ (520HP/400ftlbs. 4 year/50,000 mile warranty)

2. RDSport 4.6L Stroker. $ 28,000 + (520HP/400ftlbs. 2 year/50,000 mile warranty)

3. Gpower SKII Supercharger. $$??? HP and warranty I am unsure of.

4. Gintani Supercharger ??

5. VF Engineering Supercharger

PLEASE ONLY REPLY TO THIS THREAD IF YOU HAVE THESE UPGRADES OR YOUR INFORMATION IS BACKED UP WITH DETAILS. Ive been reading alot of negative media about GPower exploding customer engines. I would like to start this thread completely unbiased. Sponsors and auto shops, feel free to PM me if you want to disclose any pricing privately.
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