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Must be picky neighbors; tight quarters like a townhouse/condos; lots of echos; or all of the above.

Yes, it's loud, but not that loud IMO. I've asked my neighbors about mine. Those across the street had the following to say:
  1. Wife - You have an exhaust? Well whatever, I didn't notice...I'm really not into cars.
  2. Husband - Yeah, I hear it when you come home, but it's no big deal...when are you putting it on the E92 (had it on the E93)?
  3. Wife - Exhaust?
  4. Husband - Didn't notice (he drives a F450 Diesel...which is pretty loud)
No one has complained--it probably bugs my immediate next door neighbor, but he can't say boo as he's out there at 8am on Saturdays with his damn power washer or leaf blower going full blast (when he isn't jack hammering his patio--yeah, he's a pain).

Then again, maybe I just have cool neighbors (except my power washer guy)? Who knows....

Now if you're running catless or with a mid/x-pipe combo then I could see it being a bit over the edge for the neighbors....