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Originally Posted by M&M3 View Post
Do NOT under-estimate this car. It is a true sleeper. I have surprised several 335i's with this car.

It is no M3 when it comes to the twisties but it is a far more comfortable daily driver and the explosive power is always on tap.

Initially I was looking at the 535xi and A6 and test drove the Ford on a lark. Glad I did.

The Ford Sync system is far ahead of the BMW and Audi offerings and massaging seats (LUMBAR AND THIGH) and programmable Mykey features aren't EVEN on the menu.

On the Highway I averaged 27.5MPG on regular gas which is excellent for such a heavy car. BTW it handles like a much smaller car in 99% of the driving I do.

For the spirited stuff I prefer the track or a German autobahn anyways.

Ford is on the right track here.
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