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Originally Posted by Bryan0102 View Post
not like i'd pay for the game in the first place i dont have the money. so theyre really not losing money because even if i couldn't get them i wouldn't pay for it in the first place. If i payed 60 bucks for every game ive casually played along with 1.00 for every song ive downloaded and 15 bucks for every movie id watch id easily be living out of a dumpster by now. I don't usually play PC games though- usually console so most of the time I borrow games from my gf/friends or head over to blockbuster.
That is a point I wish all the movie makers and musicians would learn. They aren't missing out on much money at all. We are consuming far more media with piracy than we ever have before, and most people don't even make enough money to pay for everything they consume even if they wanted to.