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Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
Aw crap our cars are going to be way too similar in mods. I say go with the baby blue side...basically because my brakes are repainted and giving the car the RS green accent theme
Sorry, I love both colors and will be sticking with both of them for quite some time. Anyways, there are plenty of differences with our cars in other ways.

Originally Posted by vividracing View Post
The brembo's are over the top, nice work. Vorsteiner products look good clean car. Any interior work?
There has been some interior work, but pics are in my other post.

Originally Posted by dillon733 View Post
awesome car but i dont quite understand the 2 different wheels and brakes. I'm not really crazy about the blue or green on AW. I saw green on a Jet black M3 and it looked sick. I'd go wit lambo orange on AW, that would be sick.
But aside from that the car is awesome!
The two sides are a personal choice. I love the fact that I have two different looks to my one car. I also liked the orange, but love these two colors more.


Originally Posted by jdmish View Post
im liking the design of both those wheels, specs?? The only thing i don't like is the unaggressive fitment
The specs are 20x9.5 and 20x10.5. It will look a little better with the KV3's going on next.

Originally Posted by Nick@Jlevi SW View Post
NICE car, love that new E90 bootlid. I think the E90 LCI rear is the best looking of the bunch.
I love it too! Thanks!

Originally Posted by Nate@IND View Post
Looking good as always biglare. Enjoy the rest of the week at SEMA
Thanks! It was a great week!

Originally Posted by leeor View Post
he said he towed it there, so he's probably gonna tow it back. . .
Leeor, nice to meet you at the SEMA event!

Let me clarify, it was not towed to SEMA. The last few days before SEMA several mods were installed in Orange, CA so it needed to be Transported to SEMA as I was unable to drive it due to being in Phoenix. My work and travel schedule did not allow me to drive it from Orange to Vegas.

Originally Posted by tightie View Post
why was it towed?

dct software?
Let me clarify this point too. The car runs perfectly fine, actually better than fine! I drove the car out of SEMA and actually gave a couple of people interested in the ESS SC kits a ride to see how well the car performs. The car is going back to Orange, CA for more mods and was loaded onto a Transporter on Friday evening.

The DCT handles all of the additional power without any issues whatsoever! It is an absolute joy to drive, but living in Phoenix and having my mods installed in Orange does not make it so easy to drive around. Trust me, the car is amazing!!!

I will be loading up more pics later tonight!
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