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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Man, that's your first video? You're going to be the next Steven Spielberg . That was amazing. And music couldn't be better (Would you mind sharing it? PM me if you want); that's the perfect 'high-speed' music IMO .

Hope he sees your work and rewards you with a first drive in his new GTS . Good job buddy.
thank you!

Got a lot of requests for the song.

The song is called: Ludovico Eunida by Divenire. It's a beautiful song, composed by an Italian aswell. Problem I'm facing now is how what song do i use to top this song?

It took me quite some time to make it(the vid), and i eventually decided it needed to be completed as opposed to constantly reworking it. I posted it on youtube first but they took the video off .

PS: GTS here I come!!