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Police Officer impersonation???

So I'm merging onto the hwy and the lane i need to get into is loaded with cars. I accelerate to beat the front man in line(new plain white chevy truck).

Blue & reds & siren come on. I pull over. I get DL & insurance ready. Fuckin' guy in blue jeans & "farmer" vest comes to MY window, a big no no since there's been cops mowed down on said hwy. They are supposed to go to the passenger side.

He takes my DL & insurance.

Guy accuses me of passing him on the shoulder & that I could lose my license. BS

Guy tells me that he's some "cattle control" officer or some fuckin' thing at which point I take my papers & take off.

I get way ahead, take an exit & wait for him at the next merge. I catch up to him, he speeds up to 140k (so I can't take his picture??)

I take a pic of the truck & plate.

I'm fuming that some animal control guy was on a power trip.

Should I visit the RCMP or am I over reacting?