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Originally Posted by Jaws
There are lots of UN security council declarations that are never acted upon. The UN did not sanction the Iraq war. They did, however, endorse Afghanistan. Of which I am fully supportive off. You probably still think it was a good idea. What an uniformed opionion.
I thought it was a good idea...we liberated the Iraquis, and by the way more than 500k of them are dead now, we fount the WMD...NOT, Iraquis are thrilled that we're there...NOT, The world has great respect for us...NOT, we lost over 3000 of our brave soldiers, we poured hundreds of billions of $$$ into this war, and will do that for who knows how long, our own country is politically more divided than ever...ah, yes, we got rid of Saddam Hussein...big f'n deal...
In the mean time N Korea build the nuke and Iran is about to announce the same...laughing in our face.
We did great in the beginning, now it is even worse over there than it was in 2001...