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Originally Posted by marty_mcfly View Post
change the "would" to "can". "would" makes it sound like im insulting audi and in no way do i intend to. lets face it, they are great cars.

i've driven a fair share of audis and while they are all great and drive well, theres something about em. i think most of the models are better than BMW but i prefer driving a BMW. does that make sense? again this is all opinion and from personal experience. not all of us are the same when it comes to driving experience

dont mean to steal the thread so ill just stop here

enjoy it OP!
Yep, I think I know what you're saying...
My wife always said I was more of an Audi guy, than the Bimmer...whatever that means....
Anyway, I like them both, but give an edge to Audi (2.0T vs 328; S4 vs 335) because of the pricing, interior design and "exclusivity" as compared tot he 3er...