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Originally Posted by JuniorM3 View Post
Dude...the piston gut stuck! Because of the heat and stress.
I cooled down for half a lap. Can't imagine how it must have looked on track!
Hope somebody took pictures.

Check this link, I'm the guy on the top spot of the podium. You can see just how poor my drivin' style is.

Unfortunatly you are showing what a lot of modern race drivers do not have,mechanical sympathy!I have had co-drivers that were very fast in North American open wheel pro-series that had no clue about saving tires & brakes in a heavier sedan.We spent a lot of time educating these drivers so we were not in the pits changing brakes & tires long before we needed.If you play or race in any heavier car,you need to learn this skill or stick to the light open wheel stuff.