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Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
Slow down there buddy...

If you lean on any standard duty part for too long, it will buckle and/or break with sustained stress and heat.

Your results only prove that point.

It does not mean BMW designed a faulty brake system. If that was true, your results would be widely reported all over the world. And the last time I checked... that was not the case.

So please save your outrage for products more deserving of such ridicule. Thanks.
Standard parts?....
Race pads and brake cooling installed + SRF Oil!

The LF pads are still fine they have 4mm on 'em.
So i didn't use up all of my brake lining...

On any other High performance car like the Merc or the Audi you get 6 Piston calipers. And some cool air in the wheel arch. Then they don't fail!

Don't act like the BMW M3 brakes are just fine and perform well!

The failing brakes on the M3 ARE 'widely reported all over the world'!
Almost every car show or magazine that tests the new M3 talks about the fading.
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