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Originally Posted by JuniorM3 View Post
Today was a perfect day @ Spa with the BMW Circuit Club.

Normally it's always raining @ spa but not today, and it wasn't busy!

I fitted my M3 with Toyo R888 245/265 19''. And didn't expect much from the tires but i was really surprised. Nothing beats sliks. But they lasted...and you can save 'em by keeping the steering angle low. Power down was great. I recommend these tires.

As a precaution i fab-ed some brake ducts - DIY Here -, upgraded the brake system with carbon composite pads, new OEM discs and SRF oil.

Should be enough on a car you already payed 145.000 Euro's for...(in Holland, Taxes don't ask...)

After a nice mornin' of abusing my M3, shown here in this vid: (Coming Soon)

The brakes where going down and suddenly were gone...I missed the corner, but luckily there was some runoff. I pulled in to pitlane.
This is a photographic evidence and proof that: ' THE BRAKES ON THE BMW M3 SUCK!!!!! The are SHIT!...As a professional race car driver i give them a beating. But i recommend everybody to change the stock brakes to a BBK.

C 4 ur selfe! Again excuse my Iphone picas....
Attachment 323861
Yes that's right! A glowing super hot LF brake disk, Like on a F1, IRL and DTM car.

Attachment 323866
After a while i turned the discs with a screw driver. The glowing part is where the pads where.

Attachment 323862
Oeps....what's that abscess on the OEM brake line? That nice rubber non metallic OEM brake line looks burnt.!

Attachment 323865
Attachment 323874
Does that caliper look well done?'s burnt!

Attachment 323864
I'm happy i postponed, painting the OEM brake calipers red till after the track day...

I let everything chill 4 a bit.

Then i wanted to take it apart.
Attachment 323870
You undo the caliper by loosening these 2 screws. The plastic cap are melted.

Upon disassembly the brake like BROKE OUT OF THE FITTING!
Attachment 323867
Yes, i was lucky that didn't happen on track!

Attachment 323873
The brake like was kooked out.

The 1 (one) and ONLY, piston in the caliper is F*kced!
Attachment 323868

Pads could look worse...
Attachment 323869

The are bent.
Attachment 323876

A sad sight when everybody else with old BMW's with their wel designed brake are havin' fun on track!!
Attachment 323875

The chain of event that led to these never seen before events are:

- BMW engineers design and fit the BMW with SHIT brake system.
- Customer that expects performance buy's a M3.
- Customer upgrades stock brake system to be ahead of the game.
- Customer drives the car on track, and it's ok for half a day.
- Brake pads wear.
- Heat get's to much for the !SINGLE! piston in the caliper.
- Rubbers burn piston get's stuck.
- Heat burns the pain the caliper.
- Brake line blisters.
- Brake disc glows up nice and red
- Brakes distroid
- Unhappy customer, spending even more money on his car that should have been fitted with proper brake in the first place.

I drove home in an E30 325 and my M3 was on the trailer.
Felt kinda strange leaving the track in somebody else's car with mine broken.

I'll be in Vegas for the 9th till the 16th of November. Anybody wanna do me an offer on a BBK? PM me.
Slow down there buddy...

If you lean on any standard duty part for too long, it will buckle and/or break with sustained stress and heat.

Your results only prove that point.

It does not mean BMW designed a faulty brake system. If that was true, your results would be widely reported all over the world. And the last time I checked... that was not the case.

So please save your outrage for products more deserving of such ridicule. Thanks.
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