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Project "Stinger"

I thought i would share with you guys my project that i have been working on for the last couple of months. This is going to be a two year project as i still go to school, and i am only 16 so funds are tighter with my limited income.

I began looking for 1964.5, 65,66 mustangs nearly a half a year ago. I would search the entire state of florida on craigslist multiple times a week to see if what i was looking for was there. I began to go looking at a few, and i thought i was just about sold on one local. It was a 1965 mustang going for 2800. I go an look at this with my father at this "all you need is paint and she will be a champ" (what they seller kept claiming). Things were completly downhill once i arrived to look at this car. I soon realize that this car was full of a bondo. Nearly the entire back end of the car would require new meetal because of the amount of rust. This proved to be too much for me to handle, and i wasn't really wanting to tear the back out and reweld new quarter panels and such in. When i go to start it up, it doesn't start. after about thirty minutes of messing around we get it up and running and i notice once in reverse, one of the wheels is dragging. I said you get that wheel free, and i will come back and look at it again. I am now displeased, with the trust in this guy because he kept claiming there is no bondo on the car, and i would tap around and you could hear the thud on the bondo and the ting on the metal. Plus i saw empty galloonSSS of bondo lying around in the yard. He calls me up the next day and says it is free, and i come to look at it. I go for a ride, the oil pressure light keeps popping up low at idle, plus i could still feel the caliper on the wheel locked up. i get out of the car and notice the dragging wheel is smoking like a steam machine due to the frozen caliper. he claims it is free but the car is stopped when put in drive and no brakes are appied. it won't even move at idle or at about 1.5k in revs. i asked how he claims to have unfrozen the caliper and he says he took a hammer to it. That was enough for me to leave and go home for good. I go home displeased, and look on georgia craigslist. i find a 289 v8, 4 speed manual for sale with manual steering and manual brakes. the ad says no rust, drives, no bondo. This is everything i wanted because the powersteering would be no good on a car of this age and i don't have the kind of money to replace it anytime soon. I call the guy up, like what he has to say, and decide to head to Georgia. Within an hour of getting home from looking at the "champ" i am on the rode to Georgia. Long story short i pick this one up in much better shape for 2700. I rode the whole car ride home w/o any problems minus having to throw some tires on the car. the owner did say he didn't think the tires would make it back to florida. I replaced them when i noticed bubbles forming in the tires after about forty miles. once put on, i made it the rest of the way home w/o problems. car didn't overheat once which pleased me.

Here is the stinger when i bought her.(pics aren't as detailed because i didn't have a car lift at first so couldnot capture everything).

Getting tires changed
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wheels before

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wheels after hours of work just to have some decent wheels till i buy new ones

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