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Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I tried to get it shipped here - Was told they couldn't do it cause of USPS rules. Call the Ramstein car care center. I know the Ramstein PX doesn't have it. Was there last weekend.
In most cases when a shop or parts house tells you they can not ship to APO its because of two reasons. They utilize UPS to deliever to the APO in New York or they don't have a Haz Mat License. Go to the cost per quart is $10.95, I just priced 10 quarts - $109.50 plus shipping $30.25 for a total of $139.75. Part Number is 0751 0 009 420. Thats still cheaper than buying from the German Dealer. Don't know where you are located at in Germany, but Hohenfels, Visleck and Grafenwoehr still have stock. The more people buy the longer AAFES will stock the oil. AAFES sometimes if the stock has not been sold or selling well in say 3 months will reduce the stock. I've ask the PX manager to not allow this to happen here in Graf. Due to the fact that M owners normally do one service a year, and purchase maybe one qt of oil every other quarter.

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