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I first Receipt, before i spoke to the SM/Tech....

""" Customer states DSC Light comes on when driving:
Cause: Car has aftermarket springs
DIAG/BLL DCS light on, not warranty

Advisor notes, spoke with client, first , warranty is only determined after car has been diagnosed, for this reason a disgnosis fee of $189.95 flat rate is applied for any non covered items, since this was not explained to the client at write up the fee is waived, Client is aware now for the future. Next this car has an aftermarket spring set up, these are not BMW factory parts and were not installed by factory trained techs, therefore there is no coverage, the DSC light is related there is no signal from LEFT REAR SPEED SENSOR to start car MAY NEED LEFT REAR AXLE AND BEARING, due to aftermarket springs this will not be covered under facotry warranty. CLient has agreed to put on winter tires and see if light goes out. I explained tha tthis may not happen but he can try. I also explained that the car needs facotry suspension back on car to get proper diagnosis and repair.
Tech notes: Performed short test--found fault for LR AXLE and BEARING--found aftermarket suspension springs on vehicle--Non warranty item--1 hr Diag.

Customer states all malfunctions lights on
Amount Due: 0.00 """

My second Receipt (After everything was agreed upon)

""" Customer States DSC LIGHT is on and Brake light came on that at the same time
CAUSE: L//R wheel bearing fault
3341151 Replacing wheel bearings of left OR right rear axle shaft (n/c)
1 33-41-6-762-321 Angular contact ball (n/c)
11-33-41-1-133-785 Collar Nut:331080 (n/c)

10019 Dis Test. Fault in DSC for L/R wheel speed currently pressent. Rant test plan. Tested speed sensor OK Checked and FOund wheel bearing to be DEFECTIVE. Rep L/R wheel bearing. Road Tested. OK
Amount Due: 0.00 """

So they took off my spacers. I still have the springs but i would really like it if i threw the spacers back on. What do you guys think about this "wheel bearing" bullshit? IS it possible it could of been b/c of my springs/spacers???

Please comment.


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