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Originally Posted by dr325i
I am sure I would, but that is not the solution.
And as for your comment that the majority of the soldiers support and believe in their leaders -- I am not sure about that or the meadia is openly lying to us???

And then, why 65% of Americans disapprove Bush work and the leaders??? SHould we all move to other countries? Or is it what the democracy (that you're supposedly protecting) is all about -- free to agree and disagree without being prosecuted (i.e. expelled to the other country...).

So do you beleive EVERY statistic the liberal media spews on you?

YES. You are correct. The media openly lies to us. Not all of it, not all the time, but YES. They do.

Also, I imagine you must be very tired from travelling around every home in the US, polling some 250,000,000+ people about their opinion of W. Oh wait... You didn't do that. You watched the TV, or read in the Newspaper, that that's what's true.

What you MEANT to say, is that SUPPOSEDLY, 65% "of American registered voters POLLED by the liberal media, with a decided agenda against George Bush, dissapprove of Bush and his policies." That's not 65% of Americans, nor is it 65% of American voters. It's, in truth, probably more like 20% of American voters that were polled, IF THAT, that may be WAY too high of a number, and OF that 20% of voters, 65% didn't like Bush.

Mind you, I'm not supporting Bush. I'm not republican, nor conservative, nor any other party or creed. I'm ME.

But I'm also not going to sit around and bitch about bad policy. If you don't like it, vote for someone else next time. (not that it matters THIS time, since he's done.)

I beleive in positive reinforcement. This means. So how about, instead of sitting around bitching about Bush, or even going out and protesting Bush, you support a "better" candidate of your choosing? go have a rally for "vote for whoever".

Oh and by the way...

Yes, I may know a little about cars... or dressing them up. And I also just "may" be a candidate for MENSA. I may be an MIT graduate. You DON'T KNOW. So, again, take your head out of your ass, and take a look at the real world. The fact that I'm a simple grease monkey to you (how's your BMW running? be a real shame if I was an idiot, and left your brake bolts loose, right?) doesn't mean I don't have a valid opinion, or am uninformed.

If you make another comment to someone about what they "do" or "may" know, while you STILL refuse to tell anyone what you "do" or "may" know, you deserve a swift kick in the nuts. You're avoiding it because you want some phantom respect you don't deserve. I have a friend who's an airline stewardess. She's been to just about every country in the world. Does this make her knowledgeable about the world and it's politics? no, not at all. The same goes for you. Respect is earned, not deserved, and so far you've done NOTHING to earn ANYONE's respect around here.