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Originally Posted by ski360
How bout you just move to one of those locations that you so frequently visit. I'm sure you would fit right in.

As for the soldier's on the ground I would say most of them (there is always going to be a few pissed off) believe in what they're doing. I know guy's that have asked to go just so they can help out, I have friends that will never be the same because of injury's. They all believed in what they were doing, and they believe in there leadership. That's how the military works. So when it comes to your bullshit anti-war this and everyone hate's america that. Keep it to your self.

In my mind and alot of people I work with all agree. Ya can't support the troops if you don't believe in what they're doing. B/C they believe in what they're doing. I can't speak for them all, but everyone I've served with feels this way.

I am sure I would, but that is not the solution.
And as for your comment that the majority of the soldiers support and believe in their leaders -- I am not sure about that or the meadia is openly lying to us???

And then, why 65% of Americans disapprove Bush work and the leaders??? SHould we all move to other countries? Or is it what the democracy (that you're supposedly protecting) is all about -- free to agree and disagree without being prosecuted (i.e. expelled to the other country...).

Man, get your facts and ideas straight. If you fight to promote beer drinking, American football and Chevy trucks and our way of living over there, then you're wrong. If you really fight to promote the democracy and freedom over there, then you have the right cause.

Stay safe.