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Originally Posted by smokin
Matt, to think that every other country wants to be like usa well far from the truth mate.

You will find a whole bunch of europeans disgust america for starters. Most of my friends from holland, germany, belgium, denmark etc, They despise you guys.

Me personally, i love coming over there, and love the americans in general, but hey were in the supposed 51st state here. But i am far from jealous of the US or the lifestyle. I wouldnt swap it for many alternative ways of life. Including my own here in sunny London

and all this while blair is firmly giving g bush one in the ass! Or is it the other way round

Oh and as for the soldiers, they are fucking heroes and should get nothing but the upmost respect, not the way i have seen some of them spoken to on here.
I agree with you 100%
I did not want to come on here sounding that I do not respect the soldiers and the job they do. They have one of the toughest tasks out there with the poor planners leading them. I respect thsoldiers all the way, I want their leaders to answer to their parents and to the World.

However, I do not like the attitude of some f them: "When you carry the combat gear on 145 degrees, then you can talk to me..." You're doing your job (very well) and I am doing mine...