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Originally Posted by kmac1980 View Post
i have to agree, better in the RS unique colours (not many cars can pull off that orange)

I used to love white a few years back when there werent many on the road (had one of the first e90s in white), but now every yuppie girl with her chanel sunglasses and LV purse drives a white 3 series or mercedes C class...

main reason i went back to black
I agree - I love the grey colour on the new RS! I dont mind white cars overall - just dont want it for my car - My last 4 cars (and my wifes current and last 3) have all been some form of silver. So Sparkling Graphite was a bit of a leap for me!

I know the only reason Samir bought AW was to attract the women to his car!

Who knows the next car I buy might be Inca Orange!