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Originally Posted by ///Matt
I don't FUCKING CARE what other countries' people think of me or my country.

It's a non-issue for me. They hate us, and our country, and our leadership, because we have, and they have not. It is their jealousy, religion, and spite, all rolled into one neatly wrapped package. They "beleive" we are evil, because of the things we say/do/wear/etc. They point the finger at us because we take action in this world where others will not (damn french. jk!). We are the most powerful single nation in the world. Did you ever have an older role-model type, who was better than you at almost everything, and who did whatever he wanted and got away with it? At first you think, "Oh my GOD! he's SO COOL!"... Then you get bitter, angry, and jealous, that YOU are not that guy... I think you see my meaning.

Welcome to the land of opportunity.

Now take this opportunity to take your head out of your ass. Live life for yourself, as you think life should be lived. NOT how the damn "(Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, WHOLE Europe, Canada, Mexico...)" say you should live.

You may know some about the cars...actually how to dress them up...but what you just said below (your analogy) is very wrong -- other nations do not envy us, they have all we have plus much more. They do NOT want to be like us -- no one wants the robotic life we have here. We think money is everything, but others have more important things in their lives... I lived in a communist regime for 20 years, I have traveled all over from Japan to Europe and have seen very developed societies, and very undeveloped ones. I have seen China before and after the boom. None of them wanted to be "like us".