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Originally Posted by ski360
Gee maybe I'll fall back on something my parents taught me at a young age....I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME...or my country. Its hard to stand up and do the right thing and not the popular thing.

As for me being heavily branwashed I guess you could say so....One day about 8 year's ago I woke up and said "Hey ya know what I'd like to serve my country." I guess I could ask you who or what do you serve...but I don't care. Reality....never talk about reality until you've seen it first hand. As a soldier I do more before you get out of bed in the morning, then you do all day. That was my choice and I'm proud of what I do.

So you and your other buddies down there in Dallas...why don't you all get together crack another beer tonight sit down watch some more CNN or what ever. Then you can come back here and tell me more about reality. Like I said before Love it or Leave it.
Again...ignorance..."I don't care what other think..." Unfortunately you do not realize that we could not exist on our own.

CNN...I don't watch the (censored) news at all...I hear it first hand during my frequent travels.

If you think you experienced it all because you carried full combat gear at 145 degrees...then you live in some cloud and it is time for you to come down.

And for Matt -- that thing they hate us because they are jealous is so funny and stupid to say. Bush came with that in 2001 and never repeated it again snce he realized that MANY, many, many countries live many times better than we do. We live 8-7PM at work, and 7-8 PM (ONE HOUR per day before kids go to bed) with our families. The rest live with the families. I don't care if I have the BMW of a fat bank acct, I'd trade all that for my fam time that does not exist in this society.

As for the medical...that someone asked one has it worse than we do, so lets not get there.

Finally, many other countries have similar standards to us (Switz., Sweden, France, Germany...) but they did not harm them because of the jealousy... Makes me think maybe it is our "world police" attitude that pisses the world off? Look at our alies nations even -- Korea (South), Japan, Greece, rest of Europe, blah, blah -- daily protests against Bush (not other leaders)...why?