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While retaining the same 8500 rpm redline, it will have a much wider torque curve and produce more peak torque overall than the GT3 that will be much peaky in nature. That is the advantage M3 GTS has and it will also not be as strung out as the GT3 engine is since the GT3 really delivers most of its power above 6000 rpm. I am sure M3 GTS can get easily another 50 - 60 HP out to the tune of 500 - 510 HP.

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It weighs over 300 lbs more than a GT3. Only can match the GT3 RS' power with .6 liter more displacement. Its a great effort, no doubt, but still not the the level of a GT3/RS or 430 Scuderia. Youre saying this car will be faster than an f430 Scuderia which ran 7:39 on the ring, even though it weighs more and has much less hp??? Let alone be faster than a GT3/RS...give me a break.
It has the potential to be fast, but a 7:40 on the ring is still a ways off of the 7:33 the GT3 just ran. And wait until the GT3 gets PDK, it will be 7:20s.
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