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Originally Posted by dr325i
Where I come from is not an issue here.
Where I have been may be an issue because I have seen what people from other countries (Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, WHOLE Europe, Canada, Mexico...) think about this great country and the great people of this country. That makes me sad as I know a lot of people here and I know their views.
You, on the other hand have been heavily brainwashed and you take my comments as the hatred toward this country, and you don't see that it is purely toward the bad leadership that we had.

WHat I contribute to this society is probably much greater than you sitting somewhere in Germany and driving the Bimmer, but that is again not the point here...

So, the reality for me and 65% of Americans and 90% of the rest of the World may be different from your reality... I'll stick with the majority...
Gee maybe I'll fall back on something my parents taught me at a young age....I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME...or my country. Its hard to stand up and do the right thing and not the popular thing.

As for me being heavily branwashed I guess you could say so....One day about 8 year's ago I woke up and said "Hey ya know what I'd like to serve my country." I guess I could ask you who or what do you serve...but I don't care. Reality....never talk about reality until you've seen it first hand. As a soldier I do more before you get out of bed in the morning, then you do all day. That was my choice and I'm proud of what I do.

So you and your other buddies down there in Dallas...why don't you all get together crack another beer tonight sit down watch some more CNN or what ever. Then you can come back here and tell me more about reality. Like I said before Love it or Leave it.