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Originally Posted by dr325i
Where I come from is not an issue here.
Where I have been may be an issue because I have seen what people from other countries (Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, WHOLE Europe, Canada, Mexico...) think about this great country and the great people of this country. That makes me sad as I know a lot of people here and I know their views.
You, on the other hand have been heavily brainwashed and you take my comments as the hatred toward this country, and you don't see that it is purely toward the bad leadership that we had.

WHat I contribute to this society is probably much greater than you sitting somewhere in Germany and driving the Bimmer, but that is again not the point here...

So, the reality for me and 65% of Americans and 90% of the rest of the World may be different from your reality... I'll stick with the majority...
I suppose you like the Canadian health care system too? And, what do you think about N. Korea's newfound nuclear arms... like that too? Oh, and how do you feel about a world without Jews... b/c that's what most of the current psychotic world leaders like Ahmadinejad and Chavez are working toward (think about this one... Christ was a Jew...and btw, they won't ask what you believe in, you live in America and therefore must be evil). And, lastly, what do you think about Keith Ellison being sworn into congress using the Quran instead of the bible (... one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...). Who ever thought we'd see that?

You have fallen prey to the international PR campaign against our country, arguably one of the most complicated, well thought out plans in history... it's success to date epitomized by people like you: 'Americans' that live here and hate our country and the people that want to stay true to the ideals it was founded on.

If you want to "stick with the majority", I'd be glad to buy your one-way plane ticket to Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea or any other socialist country where you can experience it first hand. Just leave me the keys to your bimmer... you won't need it over there since the 'state' will take care of all your needs.

It makes me ill to think our sons and daughters are fighting so you can have the freedoms you have.